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 Terror at Japan

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PostSubject: Terror at Japan   Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:27 pm

~ Chapter one ~


“Arty? Arty? Where are you?” asked Artemis’s mother.

“Right here! I’m right here!” exclaimed a three-year-old Artemis.

“Oh Arty,” sobbed his mother as she bent down to hug him.

“What’s wrong?” asked Artemis. “Why are you crying?”

“That does not matter now. Arty, do you promise me you will never go to Japan?”


“Just promise me Arty. Just promise me.”

“I promise.”

***end of flashback***
Artemis rubbed his temples. Why did it have to be him? Why was it, that he had to solve everything? Why did it have to be him?

Holly looked at Artemis from the front. “What is wrong? What happened?” she asked him.

“It does not concern you.”

Holly set the jet on auto-pilot and sat beside Artemis. Butler looked at the pair curiously.

“Tell me. I can’t have the mud-boy distracted now. This is a life or death situation.”

Artemis looked at Holly. “Do you honestly wish to know?” She nodded. “Very well.” He looked at his fingers as he spoke.

“Years ago, I made a promise to my mother. I promised her I would never go to Japan.”

“So that is why you’re worried. Why? Why can’t you go?”

“She never told me.”

“So what did she say?”

“I never told Mother. I couldn’t tell. She would have forbidden me to go.”

“Couldn’t you just use the mesmer?”

Artemis looked at Holly. For a second, he thought she knew he still had magic.

“Oh, wait. I forgot. You lost your magic.”

Artemis turned his head and and the jet was silent. Butler had the sudden urge to make noise. A simple cough or a sneeze. Yet, he kept silent.

Holly was the one to break the silence. “So, what will you do if your mother found out?”

Artemis’s head fell. “I have no idea Holly. I have no idea.”

Holly looked at Artemis sympathetically. She turned and went back to control the jet.

“So, why did you decide to come?”

Artemis looked up. “I wanted to help. I can’t let someone else discover that fairies exist.”

Holly didn’t say anything.

Butler gave a small cough and said,” So we are going to Japan?”

“Yes old friend. We are.”
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PostSubject: Re: Terror at Japan   Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:29 pm

[center]~ Chapter two ~

They arrived in Japan soon after. Holly shielded as soon as the jet landed. Artemis reread the situation. And Butler… He was looking around and trying to protect Artemis from snipers.

“Artemis,” whispered Holly. “Where do you suppose they are?”

“Somewhere in the building to your left.”

Holly looked at the building a frowned. She had seen it before.If only she could remember it…

“Should we go Artemis?” Butler asked, interrupting Holly’s thoughts.

“Not quite. I must collect a few things. We might have them. But who knows?”

“What do we need?”

Artemis handed his bodyguard a list. Butler’s eyes move across the page. He laughed.

”We have everything Artemis. I took them just in case.”

“Very well then. Holly?”

“Yes Artemis?”

“Are you sure you know what you are doing?”


“I do not think you are. You do know that they could easily see that you are not human. They have cameras everywhere in the building. They could see someone do something interesting and stop the camers. Then, you could be exposed to them.”
Holly frowned. She knew Artemis was right. Wasn’t he always? Of course he would have thought of this beforehand…

“Then what do you suggest I do Artemis?”

“If you must know… But you will not like it one bit.”

Holly sighed. “Just tell me.”

“If you insist. Butler?” He turned to face his bodyguard. “Would you give Holly the case Butler? Make sure she wears it.”

Butler nodded. “Of course. But why did you ask me? Are you planning on going somewhere?”

Artemis looked at Butler. “No.”

“Then why me?”

Artemis looked at Holly. She had a suspicious look on her face. “Once Holly sees what she has to wear, I honestly do not want her to punch me. Again.”

Holly laughed. “Sorry Artemis. The first time, well, you were rude.”

“I wasn’t talking about that! I was talking about three days ago.”

“Oh,” Holly said, realizing what he meant. She glanced at Butler. His eyes showed little emotion, but you could see that laughter in them.
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PostSubject: Re: Terror at Japan   Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:02 am

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PostSubject: Re: Terror at Japan   

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Terror at Japan
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